Foods That You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

Foods That You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

Investing in your health and nutrition is essential. It is important that you know what kind of food you should be buying if you do not want to gain weight. Indeed, there is no such thing called as “zero calories” however, there are foods that you can enjoy without having to worry about gaining extra pounds. According to a nutritionist, there are two types of categories such as the vegetables and the non-starchy fruits. These kinds of foods have few reasons as to why you will not gain any weight because it is made out of the water, low in calories and contains high in fiber which will make feel full.

Although most of these are not high in proteins, this is packed with so many vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and other minerals that your body needs. These also come in various benefits to ensure that your health is maintained. To add more in your menu, here are the following different types of foods that you can eat without having to gain weight.

celery– This contains about 95% of water, but this doesn’t mean the vegetable is significant in providing health benefits. This contains potassium, fiber, folate and 30% of Vitamin K requirement. It is best to eat celery if it is fresh and keep in mind that seven days after the antioxidant that is in the vegetable will wear off.

kale– it contains very low calories, and it is high in folate and vitamins.

blueberries– This kind of fruit is known for its high in antioxidants than any other fruit. Make sure that you consume at least 14% recommended by a nutritionist.

Cucumbers– This is a kind of fruit that is essentially made out of the water and for every cucumber contains about 16 calories as per serving. Remember that its skin and seeds contain the highest nutritional value. So, it is best not to peel off the cucumber. This also contains beta-carotene that is good for your eyesight as well.

Tomatoes– This contains high in lycopene and a carotenoid which fights against chronic diseases. This also contains vitamin A, B2 and C, potassium, folate, chromium, and fiber.

Grapefruits– the good thing about this type of fruit is that it helps in losing weight and it is also considered as one of the diet fruits.

Along with those foods mentioned above, completing you diet with drinking water with lemon is another contribution in losing weight. Aside from that, you can also clear up your body from toxins since lemon is a great diet cleanser.

Considering that the list can go on, but these are one of the top foods that can help you maintain your weight and at the same time gain benefits with so many vitamins and minerals.

The fact that there are more foods out there that can help us lose weight, you don’t need to limit your options in eating, and important is you are still able to enjoy eating the foods you like by creating healthy meals with foods mentioned above.

Also a great way and the most effective way of losing weight is to incorporate exercise in your diet plan. A simple exercise will do but you must be consistent in doing the routines such as a 5 minutes’ walk every day or a quick jog in the park. These activities will only take 1% of your time and exercise is also essential in our daily lives as well. Lastly, it would be great if you consult a dietician or doctor to check your status before doing your diet plan.

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